180 degree panoramic view from the watchstation



Start Bay

View from the sea


NCI Froward Point – where we are

The Watch Station stands on a headland, Inner Froward Point, immediately to the East of the mouth of the River Dart. It is 209 feet (63.7 metres) above sea level, and has an excellent field of view. It was originally the Observation Post for a WW2 Coastal Defense Battery. This derelict building has been completely refurbished, while retaining important original features, such as the steel shutters. There is more information on the site history page.

The coastal area, buildings at Froward Point, and much adjacent farmland, are owned by the National Trust. The South West Coast Path runs through the site, and provides access to lovely scenery extending from the River Dart to Berry Head.

One mile to the East, along the coast, is Coleton Fishacre, a beautiful house and garden, also owned by the National Trust.

There is a car park at Brownstone, a quarter mile West of the entrance to Coleton Fishacre, and the lane constructed for access to the coastal defense battery leads directly from this to Froward Point. The distance is approximately three quarters of a mile.

From the 209 foot height of the station, the horizon is 16.2 nautical miles distant. The arc of view extends from approximately due East around to due West, giving excellent coverage of the mouth of the River Dart and the whole of Start Bay.

The station directly overlooks an area of hazards extending from a prominent rock named The Mewstone, an isolated submerged rock called The Bear's Tail to the Dancing Beggars off Stoke Fleming.

View taken by Peter Callis from a microlight aircraft

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