Getting to grips . . .

Just needs a lick of paint . . .

BRNC at work. You want a trench where???

BRNC at work. So this is what the Navy does!!

BRNC & Coastwatch. Job done . . . a modest celebration.

Team History

The desirability of a Coastwatch station at Froward Point is established, and the WW2 Battery Observation Post identified as a suitable base. Discussions with the National Trust start.

May 2004
National Trust gives its support, and site meetings follow to establish the way forward.

August 2004
First public meeting, to discover extent of local support for the project.

October 2004
A second public meeting, a steering group formed, and fund raising set in motion.

November 2004
The work of clearing the site and renovating buildings begins, thanks to the efforts of a small group of volunteers.

April 2005
Training begins. There are initially over 50 volunteers.

June 2005
Eleven engineers from Hawke Division, Britannia Royal Naval College, move on site for two days, and undertake some major work:
–  lay 30 tons of scalpings to improve the state of the access lane
–  trench and pipe a water supply
–  install generator, and trench and run power cables from generator building to
    watch station.

Refurbishment of buildings, and installation of equipment in watch station completed by the small team which had been working on the project over the previous seven months.

July 2005
First logged watch.