Incident Off The Mewstone – 14 July 2008

At 1541hrs the duty watchkeepers at Froward Point observed a small open motor boat with three people on board waving their arms, a recognised sign of distress. The vessel was drifting dangerously close to the Mewstone , east of the river mouth.

The watchkeepers contacted Brixham Coastguard and advised them of the situation and also informed them that the regular tripper boat Riviera Belle was nearby. At 1545 Brixham radioed Riviera Belle and requested her to assist if possible, she replied that she was unable to approach the casualty due to her proximity to the rocks but was willing to stand by.

At 1549 Brixham CG requested a situation report from Froward Point and were informed that the casualty was now between the rocks. Shortly after the casualty drifted in to clearer water and Riviera Belle managed to get a line aboard.

At 1608 the Dartmouth ILB, which had been tasked to the incident by Brixham CG, secured the casualty and proceeded to tow her to her berth at Dart Marina.

All three persons aboard the motor boat, the Eva, were unharmed, the problem was caused by the failure of a fuel line fitting leaving her without power.

The Mewstone and adjacent rocks