DFS Certificate Presentation – 24 Sep 2007

Froward Point was successfully assessed for Declared Facility Status (DFS) on 24 September. To achieve DFS it was necessary to show that national standards agreed between the Coastguard and NCI had been met.

The assessment took place over a whole day, when members of the national DFS Team examined various documentation including station records, training manuals and procedures, and also set tasks for five watch keepers, this being 10% of the total number qualified at the present time.

NCI Froward Point has already assisted Brixham Coastguard with a number of incidents in the twenty months that the station has been operational, and with the granting of DFS is now recognised as an integral part of National Search and Rescue assets.

With the new Dartmouth RNLI Inshore Life Boat becoming fully operational, joint exercises between the two organisations are being planned in the near future, and with the granting of DFS, Froward Point is now permitted to communicate directly with the lifeboat using VHF radio should the need arise.

In the last twelve months the station has been open for over 2,400 hours, with over 5,250 man hours spent on watch. This would not have been possible but for the help and support of many organisations, including the Royal Dart Yacht Club, Darthaven Marina, and Britannia Royal Naval College.

Although over fifty members are fully qualified watch keepers, more volunteers are still required, especially as Brixham Coastguard have requested that the station operate longer hours, particularly in the busy evenings of June, July, and August. Anyone interested in becoming a watch keeper can obtain information on the Can you help? page.

  DFS presentation

The picture shows Jeremy Linn, Brixham Coastguard NCI Liaison Officer, presenting the DFS certificate to Mike Povey, Station Manager. Also in the picture, to the left is Roger Belsey duty watch keeper, and to the right are Mike Boumphrey, Training Officer, and Martin Burdick, duty watch keeper.