Some incidents during 2007

Incident East Of Froward Point – 13 Sep 2007 At 1050 the duty watchkeeper received a request from Brixham CG for information on the location of the motor cruiser Jelly Bean, reported in difficulties to the East of Froward Point. It was located visually about two nautical miles to the East, and its precise position determined from radar, and reported to the CG. The dive boat Sunfish offered assistance, and CG was informed when this craft reached the casualty. A diver from Sunfish freed a rope from the casualty's prop, and at 1125 Jelly Bean was able to head towards Dartmouth under her own power.   Incident Near The Homestone – 20 Feb 2007
At 1327 the duty watchkeeper picked up a VHF call for assistance to Brixham Coastguard from a 10 metre motor cruiser requesting a tow after mechanical failure. Brixham CG contacted Dart Harbour Authority and a vessel was dispatched to undertake a tow. The Harbour authority vessel was unable to find the casualty and radioed Brixham to tell them. At 1345 the watchkeeper contacted Brixham CG and informed them that the motor cruiser was approx � of a mile south of the position the crew had given and was now anchored � mile south of the Homestone buoy. This information was relayed to the Harbour Authority vessel which then proceeded to the cruiser and took her in tow.
  Incident Off The Dart – 10 Feb 2007
At 1105 the duty watchkeepers spotted a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) approx 5 metres in length about half a mile west of the station in rough seas, three persons were visible and observed to be waving their arms, a recognised distress signal. At 1115 Brixham Coastguard were notified and given a precise position, the Coastguard then arranged a tow from a Dart Harbour Authority vessel, this duly arrived on scene and by 1124 the casualty was safely under tow into the River Dart. At 1134 hrs Brixham Coastguard contacted NCI Froward Point to confirm all three persons safe and well.